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The Mill Bakehouse

Sourdough Loaf

Sourdough Loaf

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Baked fresh by the Mill Bakehouse, Bollington - small batches of handcrafted and slow fermented sourdough bread, shaped by hand using organic flours milled in the UK.

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All rounder everyday loaf with a tender crumb & great crust. White flour with a bit of wholemeal for flavour and goodness.
White flour (gluten) 90%, Wholemeal flour (gluten) 10%, Water, Sea Salt

A mellow loaf with a nutty flavour
Wholegrain spelt flour 30%, White flour (gluten) 70%, Water, Sea Salt

More wholemeal than white, dark and moist, baked in a tin
Wholemeal flour (gluten) 70%, White flour (gluten) 30%, Water, Sea Salt

A popular choice - blend of white & wholemeal flour, packed with toasted and soaked mixed seeds from ROOTSTOCK
White flour (gluten) 50%, Wholemeal flour (gluten) 50%, Mixed Seeds, Water, Sea Salt

All loaves approx just under 1kg 

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