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Aqua Oleum

Aqua Oleum Essential Oil - Chamomile Blue (5% Dilution)

Aqua Oleum Essential Oil - Chamomile Blue (5% Dilution)

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Matricaria Recutita (Egypt)
  • 5% dilution in light coconut oil.
  • Intense sweet-green, herbaceous scent.
  • Relaxing & soothing.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Aids restful sleep & relaxation.
  • Good for sensitive, dry, allergy-prone & after-sun skin care.


Chamomile Blue - Botanical Description

"A strongly aromatic herb, with hairless branching stem with delicate feathery leaves and daisy-like white flowers. Synonyms: This species is also commonly known as German Chamomile and botanically as Matricaria chamomila. The blue colour is due to the high chama-azulene content in the oil with excellent anti-inflammatory & anti-allergy properties."

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