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We’ve devised our very own root rating system – an honest scheme in which demands us to review our products carefully in order to give you a straightforward sustainability grade for everything we sell from green to red.
Sustainable shopping is confusing at the best of times; with tonnes of terms, many new materials and differing waste-management protocols depending on where you live. That’s why we want to make it easier for you to shop ethically, and for us to find the most sustainable products, to see through greenwashing.

As well as our eco stamps, we’re implementing a “traffic light system”, well... leaves for us.

This product produces minimal to no harm upon the environment.
The packaging is sustainable and the supplier, too.
- Great, we’re doing our job


This product is reasonable - there could be slight to little room for improvement.
We will provide you with the reasons for why these products aren't totally 'green' and for why we have chose to sell them.
Often these products come with a compromise on either price, convenience or fit for purpose.


Not environmentally-friendly nor sustainable.
We simply will not stock these items.

With ongoing changes, we’ll review our decisions and ensure to upkeep our high standards when widening our product range. However, like with everything we do –we want to credit your opinion.
If you think a product is scored incorrectly, please let us know!