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Here we will provide you with the information of how we record, calculate and "offset" our carbon emissions.

Only companies listed below have to legally abide by Energy & Carbon Reporting:
- A company on the London Stock Market,
- A company operating on the European Economic Area Market,
- A company dealing with the New York Stock Market,
- Large corporations that have to request for Parts 15, 456 or 466 of the Companies Act

We are not required to track and regulate our carbon footprint by law, but we believe that however large or small, businesses should be accountable for their social and environmental actions and that the consumer has a right to know how a business upholds its environmental responsibility. 



At the moment, we're a "micro business" of two. We office-share, work-from-home, and rent our storeroom from a private landlord, so cannot straightforwardly or effectively calculate our running emissions such as electricity, oil & gas from various points-of-call, and differentiate them from living utilities.
At this moment, we would not be able to provide correct, exact data to be able to use them for comparison and aims.

What we will say though, is that both our living ethic aligns with the business' (hence why it exists), and at home we give our best efforts to live sustainable lives - minimising our waste, reducing what we need, increasingly becoming more self-sufficient, sharing resources & spending locally.

Our aim for the future is to have the resources to implement renewable energy sources for both our office and storeroom, thus allowing us to calculate and provide this sub-set of data perfectly and have complete confidence in the sustainability of the energy we use to run ROOTSTOCK.


We offer a personal drop-off refill delivery service for our customers in the surrounding areas.

Firstly, when we deliver, we use an in-built application that knows what we need to deliver and it's location, allowing the app to build us the most efficient route using the least amount of fuel and time.

Secondly, as we deliver, we track our fuel usage using a fuel calculator application on our mobile phone. We then record the figure at the end of each delivery day into our own database. This figure at the end of the quarter is inputted into a carbon footprint calculator, which transforms our vehicle fuel footprint into tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide emissions). We can then use this figure at our end-of-term review to offset these emissions.


We ship our general products across the UK using Royal Mail.

Our shop is linked to software called the "Carbon Analyzer", which calculates our carbon footprint from each order we receive and ship. It takes into account; the weight of the package, where we send it from and where we're sending it to. Thus it can calculate how many 'miles' it has to travel to its destination and how much energy this requires. The application automatically records these emission factors to calculate the exact footprint. We then record this figure for our end-of-term offset.

The "Carbon Analyzer" is a brand new piece of software by VAAYU - we are working together closely to test and improve this software in order to make the process as accurate and informative as possible. In the future, VAAYU will be able to provide us more ways in which we can offset emissions and pathways in which we can become carbon negative.


Global Portfolio: Solar, Wind & Hydropower
UK Tree Planting
Global Reforestation
Certified Emission Reduction


We are awaiting our next meeting with software providers to notify our options.


Like our accounts, we process our carbon emission tracking quarterly.
Here, we will publish our emissions and certificates of neutrality.

As this is our first quarter, we don't have any data to publish as of yet.