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PLANTLIFE x ROOTSTOCK Native UK Wildflower Seeds

PLANTLIFE x ROOTSTOCK Native UK Wildflower Seeds

Musk Mallow, Ox-Eye Daisy, Red Campion, Selfheal
*For Garden Use*
Sowing seeds in spring & autumn, you are increasing natural habitat, crucial for declining population of many species. 

Because of declining natural habitats, we’ve lost around 97% of our native wildflower meadows. In support of the conservation charity ‘Plantlife’, who work to save threatened wildflowers, plants and fungi across England, Scotland and Wales, we are now offering a resilient native wildflower seed mix. 

Adding a packet to your basket and sprinkling the seeds in your garden will help to preserve and encourage the natural rejuvenation of many species whilst we donate 80% of the profit to Plantlife (reg. charity: 1059559).