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The Gift of Giving

The Gift of Giving


Black Friday, 'Cyber' Weekend and our festive period in general fuels impulse buying and fast consumerism. Celebrations and corporate discounting create a sense of obligation to buy gifts for loved ones and ourselves - how lovely! Yet, we often feel pressurised to purchase without much thought about whether it’s the right choice; not only the right choice for the person you're purchasing for, but of whether it's the right choice because the supply chain is ethical and the materials are environmentally friendly.

We also feel anxious of potential disappointment – are we buying enough for our loved ones, and have we spent enough money? For we equate what we spend out of our pockets and purchase with our cards with our worth in what we can provide, which affects how good our festivities will be.

We’d like to say – pause –  you and your loved ones are worth more than any gift you could possibly purchase with your pockets.

That's why, especially after the trials and tribulations 2020 has brought - ROOTSTOCK's motto is:

our gift is gratitude
We’re going to make sure we tell every single person we love, how grateful we are. And we will gift, but we’ll just make sure that we’ve thought about it.

THINK when gifting

Need inspiration or ideas for this festive period?

We may be slightly bias, but we think that our kits make a great sustainable bundle of gifts.
Shop our gift cards if you're stuck on what to buy, or for those to buy only when they need.

Aaand, if you do purchase from us (thank you), let us know if it's for a special someone and we can make sure it looks fancy with a kind word or two!

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