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Rootstock Reads: Dec 2020

Rootstock Reads: Dec 2020

 'More Plants, Less Waste: Plant-Based Recipes + Zero Waste Life Hacks With Purpose'
by Max La Manna 

Max La Manna

The "Zero Waste Chef" has produced a beautiful book full of information, inspiration and educational tips. Not just a plant-based cook-book, this book explores the issues of; food waste, plastic pollution and societal stigmas. Max tells of handy things to always keep on your shelves, interesting ideas on how to use every part of the vegetable and how to turn "waste" into beauty scrubs, toxin-reducing tonics, desserts - you name it!

If there's one cook-book to keep in your kitchen, it's this one. It'll not only influence you to cook up a healthy storm, but influence your lifestyle positively in reducing your food waste and packaging, and improving sustainability within your home.

We love it - cheers Max!

Want to win this book? 
We're giving it away as a surprise in one of our lucky customer's parcels this December!

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