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Rootstock Reads: April 2021

Rootstock Reads: April 2021

 'Litter: How Other People's Rubbish Shapes Our Lives'
by Theodore Dalrymple

Eco friendly rootstock reads april 2021

A witty and brief book examining what the excess of litter in Britain says about our culture as a 'throw-away' society. We enjoyed reading this book, as aside from the environmental implications of littering; Dalrymple philosophically delves into what our behaviour says about who we are as a society and how our exploitative acts declare a decline in moral stature.

We recommend this book now more than ever. The rapid increase in littering recently is worrying for the quality of our environment and every living thing that lives within it. We want progress; and we believe this book could have a positive impact in rethinking throw-away behaviour. 

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