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2021: Living More Sustainably

2021: Living More Sustainably

Become more sustainable

Happy New Year!

We’ve reflected upon 2020 for us to be able to take what we have learnt, forward, and to leave the negativity behind - starting the new year with good intentions and positivity.

You might have many resolutions, from improving your diet to reaching a specific, personal goal. We want to wish you the best of luck with every goal, but also to stress the fact that we often set high expectations for ourselves which can bring about stress, frustration, and disappointment. This year we want to emphasise positive intentions rather than resolutions – a will for the ongoing process of improvement.

Creating an intention requires a strong reason or want for improvement, and if you are wanting to improve sustainability within your life, we can provide you with the inspiration and encouragement to take or resume this rewarding path.

 how do i live more sustainably?


 Slow down each process in life or decision to purchase something.
Rethinking the way we usually live allows us to question our intentions and outcomes. We can avoid impulse buying or decision making, allowing for well-reasoned actions and sure confidence that your choice was the right one.

2. 'REUSE'


 One huge change we can make is to vow to never purchase or use disposable items.
If we move away from single-use objects, not only do we reduce our waste and pollution, but we create a long-term relationship with the things we use in our life. At ROOTSTOCK, we believe this creates a sense of respect for how things help us and how we treat our belongings. If we look after things, they look after us, and the environment. If we use something once, to throw in a rubbish bin or in the gutter, we create an absent mindset with a lack of respect for where that object came from and it's ability to serve a purpose.


Hand in hand with reusing, we can also change our consumer behaviour towards refilling.
Instead of continuing with popular consumerism of purchasing items we need in predetermined packages, we can refill with what we need and avoid unnecessary packaging, waste and pollution. Refilling also allows us to purchase the amount that we need, without being wasteful. Choosing to refill with local shops can also be a more personable process than queueing at large supermarkets - it allows you to directly question where products have come from and gives you a better opportunity influence what the shop sells. And you're helping your local economy!


What about 'recycle'?
Well, if we vow to not by single-use products and we reuse and refill, than we won't have to think about having to recycle materials. Yes, recycling is great, but our recycling processes in the UK are far from perfect and can often lead to perfectly usable items going to landfill or to be incinerated. We think it's much more important to reduce our waste and reuse and refill instead of continuing to purchase things that we use and pop into recycling bins the same day.

So, this year and going forwards rethink, reuse and refill

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